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But don't know what is the row son.The cloth cloth is a box of birth control pill to leaf what autumn deliver but isn't other things always a bit deeply concerned at heart.\Although her in the mind also in the antinomy wear leaf autumn if sending other things to want by himself/herself don't accept, but leaf the autumn didn't send, she again on the contrary some lose.
Woman, return is really an animal self-contradictly.
"Have no what want of."The cloth cloth apathetically says.
"Although I don't accustom to leading stanza like this, , since can have the opportunity of a jollification, always need to celebrate some kind ofly."The autumn of the leaf comes to a stop at doorway in the school the car and says:"You return to school first.I still some matters want a processing."
The cloth cloth opened a car door to walk to go out, but was the car that looking at a leaf to far go for autumn to copy a bit stunned.Is the his words what mean?Want to send oneself Christmas gift?
Thought of here.Cloth cloth in the mind but some sweet Zis Zi of.
Ruthlessly choked own thigh for a while.Scold a way:"Cloth cloth, you are really of no use.He so to you.What do you still expect his gift stem?"
Leaf autumn ground the car has been tailgating black Audi of front, the car panes all once carried on a processing, is the scene that could not see an inside from the outside.But leaf autumn but can clearly remember posture that that woman smokes, decadent, falls Mo, in poor fettle, the but again shoots a public soul.This is 1 kind to feel very weirdly, the leaf autumn originally is to don't like this kind of woman's ground, feel they not enough sunlight, not enough alacrity, can not bring the human life joys voice joke.
But this woman will deprave to deduce into a kind of art.1 kind thinks it hugs in the bosom to protect some kind of but agains frightened be stabbed and wounded by it of self-contradict feeling.
Ao whistle car and then they meet a ground of dike side of lake to stop in last time under, leaf autumn also consumedly the ground stop car in the road in the center.In so cold weather, who can't have no matter stem to run, either to drink northwest breeze to here.And this breeze can also blow a ground of person to inside deliver cold.
Wear on the woman the close fitting fur-lined jacket in black, descending the body is black straight jeans, Gao Gen's shoes, purple lips blue Tong, beautiful abnormality.The woman pushes away a car door.The high-heeled shoes on the feet tramples on the muddy tunnel road.Because the heel props up, can keep a Qian dust not to dye on the shoe top.
The woman sees also and doesn't see leaf's one eye for autumn, just oneself took a root the smoke Diao is on the mouth and spark, then imitate Buddha Qing to exert whole body energy ground take out one mouthful after, this just feel the in the mind is comfortable many.Now, also only this kind of with a kind of definitely hopeless situation method combustion own thing can bring heart a short moment warmth.
The autumn of the leaf is silently seen chemisette after death, the hip didn't see her skin trousers under the package, don't see her a slender but pliant and tough and emollient waist, have never seen she as if the knife pare of fragrant shoulder.This woman's imitating a Buddha is unreal, his in the moment only have a remnants shadow.Can this an influence but make people have grow the sad Qi desire cries of felling.
"The green snake discarded.His identity sensitive up sought me to once investigate.I say that he has only oneself to blame."The woman imitates a Buddha and is soliloquizing a way after vomiting a smoke turn again.
The autumn of the leaf is understand, the Yan pleasant breeze will definitely make use of oneself ground influence to urge this legal case toward he or she here bigotry.But this woman without cause of carried on the shoulder all responsibilities to descend, let leaf some for autumn to have an accident greatly.
Pass data that he collects suggest, this chemisette back the influence also belong to Yan pleasant breeze one parties.And the Yan pleasant breeze has been treating her not thin, even have the hearsay Yan the pleasant breeze to pursue her for several years, but be frequently refused by her.Accompanied joyed in iron blood last time of party up, the leaf autumn once saw as well the Yan pleasant breeze treat her attitude different.Why does she want to help himself/herself this time?
Because of own father?The man who has never given her any commitment?
But the leaf autumn once invited her to come over to help himself/herself, wased resolutely refused by her lasted time.
"Which side do you exactly stand?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to ask a way.
"This is of no account."The woman shakes head.

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